Open Matariki


The Open Matariki project aims to support the vision, purpose and mission of the Matariki Network of Universities (MNU). Access to research and scholarly outputs in a healthy scholarly  communication ecosystem is essential for discovery, innovation and education. By building upon our collective strengths to ensure timely and continuing access to these outputs around the globe, the project is fundamental to each element of MNU’s mission, and in particular to:

  • Promote and develop global excellence in delivering a research-inspired and trulyinternational education to our students;
  • Nurture high impact, innovative research communities that stimulate and promote social and global responsibility.

Matariki partner’s principles for a sustainable  global scholarly communications ecosystem


Open Matariki Phase One

Phase 1 of the Open Matariki project set out to establish the commonality and differences, and explore potential opportunities, in the ways in which each of the MNU libraries and their universities, and their countries, are working to advance new models of scholarly communication and open access.

Read the phase one report here:



Open Matariki Phase Two projects

The three elements of the Open Matariki program outlined in phase one will be developed in late 2017 and the first three quarters of 2018. Each of the MNU library representatives will consider the most appropriate project(s) for their institution to pursue, and plan to share results at the Matariki Network Humanities Colloquium in Uppsala in late August 2018.

Proposed projects include:

  • Implications of a flipped subscription model
  • Unbundling the big deal
  • Supporting sustainable digital humanities
  • Advancing Open Educational Resources

Additional project details will be posted in this space following the colloquium.